Phonics Videos

Phonics Videos

Phonics Videos Will Spark Kids’ Interest
If a child doesn’t appear interested in letters and sounding them out yet, then parents might want to try a new approach. By showing the child videos that teach them the basics they will help them to see that learning can be fun. They will get them to be entertained even while learning more about how to read. Watching the videos will be an enjoyable activity for the child and parent to participate in together. Parents will love to see the growth their child will go through while watching these videos, and they will be glad to see that they are having fun while learning something important.

ABC Song

ABC Phonics

Phonics Train

Phonics and Colors

Every Child Needs The Skill Of Sounding Out Words
Children will learn to read quicker with the use of these videos than they would have otherwise, and parents will feel good about what they are doing when they help them to be advanced for their age. Phonics teaches the skill of reading, and children will immediately know what sound a letter makes when they see it when they know it well. These videos will help children to become wiser and to carry these skills with them for life, which will allow them to stay ahead of the curve.

The Topic Of Reading Will Be Explored
Those parents who watch these videos while their children are young will explore the topic of letters and reading early on. Some of the great songs for them to learn are the ABC song, which teaches the letters, Nine Naughty Newts, which helps differentiate between sounds, and Down By The Bay, which is loved by teachers. They will get their child involved with words and how they are sounded out, and because of that, the children will want to know more. They will love books because of the nursery rhyme videos that they watch and the songs that they learn. So, parents who want their child to know more about the topic should find videos that will help them to become interested in reading.

Parents And Teachers Can Play The Videos At Any Time
There doesn’t have to be a specific time set aside for parents or teachers to show these great videos to children, but this subject should be introduced to them early on and should be something that sticks with them through the years. Those adults who want children to know more about the alphabet and how to sound out each letter should make sure that they take a bit of time each day to watch the videos and to have fun with them. When they show children that learning is not only important but also an exciting thing, they will be doing what is best for them. And, they will feel like a success when they get the child to learn to love reading and to know how to sound out each word they come across.