Popular Toy Videos for Kids

Popular Toy Videos for Kids
Toys have been a central part of kids life for centuries. Weather you see children play with a doll that they begged for to their parents, or any other contraption they managed to build themselves with their dexterity and imagination. These toys keep your child busy and stay in a state of creativity for longer periods of time. Toys can vary from trends like fidget spinners, or can lean on the classic side with toys like playdough and Lego’s. They may even find its way into your child toy box and into your their hearts very quickly. Let’s take a look at the different toys available that are a little more popular today.

The squishy and putty-like substance of playdough has been around society since the early 1900’s. It is one of a most classic toys that are still popular. Playdough may be on your child’s wish-list without you even realizing it. This putty-like substance can be used for arts and craft, and allow children to make different types of sculptures with its non-toxic base. You can also find all kinds of playdough videos¬†on YouTube that show many different sculptures you could build yourself. Also other crafts like roped chains, playdough cars, and playdough people have been demonstrated as well.

Another classic addition of toys, that may interest your child, are Lego’s. They have been an easy way to get your children engaged on a project, while helping them use their creativity. These plastic blocks have three to six circular cylinders at the top, and three to six circular holes at the bottom. This allows you to stack Lego’s together, build stable buildings, and create different monuments with ease. If you Search online sources, like YouTube you can get a better understanding of how to use them. Lego’s give you many possible things you could build. You can see kids build landscapes and buildings quickly, and tear it all down just as fast. But no need to worry, because the highly durable material will allow your kids to build them back up again very easily.

Fidget Spinners
This toy may not be a classic like the previous toys mentioned, but it is still worthy to get noted as a huge trend that hit modern society without warning. This toy is a little more unique, because kids aren’t the only one’s interested in the device, but young adults have found themselves spinning the plastic toy on their thumbs as well. You can demonstrate different tricks and balance the toy called Fidget Spinners on your fingers with ease. It is a three-sided, oval shaped device that is made out of plastic with a metal bearing in the middle to keep balance. This make it easy for you to rotate it on your fingers. It is a huge trend that has been made popular by videos on social media that shows kids spin the contraption on their fingers gracefully. Fidget Spinners come in many different variations, and can be purchased in most convenient stores today.