Rhyming &Rhythm is Essential for Children

Humpty Dumpty has an historic meaning behind it and that’s how it was made. In the 1600’s, during the civil war they had put an object on a wall and then the wall came tumbling down. So that’s what gave them the name Humpty Dumpty. In 1803 Humpty Dumpty was in the manuscript of Mother Goose’s Melody. Humpty Dumpty was made as a dull and clumsy egg shaped person who sat on a wall. From that time of year, this nursery rhymes has just became popular til this day.

Developing skills

Babies and children ages from 0-5 years old learn very quickly at this age. With children learning at this age group, it’s very crucial. Children pick up on everything they see and hear. They develop speech patterns and can learn new words and languages from listening to nursery rhymes. It helps children interact with others that are around them building social skills. When adults start sing these different nursery rhymes, children and babies will start to sing along or even start dancing. It also helps children develope active listening skills. Children can also develope different facial expressions and different emotional feelings. Children can also learn to count and recite the alphabet, even do some basic math problems.

Educational Exploring

Humpty Dumpty helps babies and children explore different things like different colors. Also, it helps them explore different shapes. Children can put faces on an egg and explore how gravity works when you set the egg down on something. Children can also explore different textures and feelings of an object. They can see that Humpty Dumpty is a round shaped object. Children can see that Humpty Dumpty is wearing clothes and that they can wear different types of clothing. At an early age, children can learn that other people are different from themselves and that they can accept that. Children can explore what a wall is or ask why Humpty Dumpty looks like an egg. I’m pretty sure, children would want to know the meaning behind Humpty Dumpty.

Educational experiences

Teachers and parents can use this nursery rhyme to Foster educational experiences with children. They can educate children on how to interact with other children and adults, and they can learn to get along with other children. Children can learn how to do different projects that will teach them how to critically think. With play time, children can do arts and crafts about Humpty Dumpty. Children can learn to have their own opinion on what they make or draw. When educating children, adults can use role-playing and even set up for plays. Children love playing in plays and that’s the best way to get them up and get to know other children. Teachers and parents can take this opportunity to help children build things and learn how to cut different shapes and even make streamers out of paper.