Songs Make Lessons Easier For Children To Learn

Children Learn Through Lessons
When it comes to working with children, education is a major part of their foundation in life. In fact, there are nursery rhymes that contribute to the lessons learned by instilling lyrics and melodies within classroom lessons. In turn, the child becomes well-rounded with manners as well as morals. Believe it or not, there are songs like, “London Bridge Is Falling Down,” that contributes to subjects that are learned inside and outside of the classroom.

History Of The Song
This song dates back to 1718. It was published in a book called, “The Dancing Master” by an unknown writer. At first, the song was instrumental. As it turns out, lyrics were added later. The song was inspired by the London Bridge that is located in England. Specifically, this bridge was fascinating to tourists and travelers, because they had never seen anything like it. Particularly, travelers were afraid to use the bridge because of the fear that they would fall into water. Evidentially, there are stories suggesting that travelers would sit down and hold on to the bridge while scooting across to the other side. In the meanwhile, there would be buggies and horses passing by to hurry to make it across the bridge.

Motor Skills Can Be Learned Through This Song
In reality, a child listens to the instructions of a teacher or parent with no problem, especially when this song is played. In contrast, the children watch each other to learn how to clap, rock, and sit down in their places. By implementing classroom work, the child learns to share with their classmates while staying on task. Overall, there motor skills get better and better over time, and parents are pleased with their progression. If this process is started in pre-school years, the child will be ready for public school within a matter of 2 years.

This Nursery Rhyme Is A Building Block To Other Songs
Once a child learns this song, they will become interested in learning other songs that teach them about their environment and life. As a matter of fact, they will often make requests to teachers to see if they known any other songs similar to this nursery rhyme. Because of wanting to know details, they will begin to study everything from science to architecture.

The Future Is Bright For Children Through This Nursery Rhyme
In summary, these educational experiences will help the child make better decisions while growing up and maturing into adults. For this reason, children will dedicate time to research and studying to get through college. In reality, the process has to start when they are a kid. If teachers and parents work together to teach every child, that will broaden their horizons, and also, they will learn to not be afraid of new things while challenging themselves. In summary, lessons about life and education will become easier for each child. In the end, they will understand how important responsibility is in their lives and in the lives of other people.