Songs That Will Cheer Up Kids

The ABC Song

The song was written back in 1834-355 by Charles Bradley. The song comes with different variations for the flute with a little bit of piano thrown in for good measure. The musical arrangement showcased a tribute to Louis Lemarie who was an 18th-century composer.

However, many historians believe that the first incarnation of the song came about in 1761. The only problem is that most people do not know who came up with the song prior to Bradley. The song has taken on many different variations over the years, but Charles is the first person to actually bring it into the limelight.

The song is very similar to Baa, Baa Black Sheep, in style, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, in tune. The tune is based on a song Mozart composed during his peak years.

Fun Fact: When the tune first came into being most kids did not know how to read or write. That is why a lot of them did not grasp the song the way the composer intended. Over the years, more time was dedicated to teaching kids how to read and write. That way they could understand the song more. The song has been used, over the years, as a tool to help kids remember the letters t the alphabet.

Skills That Kids Learn From the ABC Song

1) It helps kids develop an awareness of sounds. Kids may know the alphabet, but they might not be able to understand what the letters mean. The song helps them to do that through song. Through awareness of sound and repetition, kids can learn their alphabet and remember the letters. The song takes a boring approach and makes it a lot more fun.

2) This song and other songs that cheer kids up can help them develop a love and appreciate for books. Kids learn how to hold a book the proper way. They can read any book they pick up from front to back. The song teaches them how to read and understand every page. Some of them might even hum the song in the back of their heads. The song helps kids develop a love for reading at an early age.

3) Kids can recognize print marks, concepts, and other signs through the song.

4) Their motor skills are going to improve. Their writing skills go beyond the basic scribble. They learn how to write legibly. Kids develop an appreciation for each letter they write and what it means.

How Does It Help Their Parents and Other Adults In the Room

Kids learn to ask the “who” and “why” questions. They learn how to pose thoughts and questions more articulately. Some kids need a little encouragement. This song gives them the motivation they need to start questioning themselves and the world they live in.

Some kids choose reading a book over playing with a toy sooner. They also develop a higher interest in different topics, not just their favorite things.