Teaching your Children Ground Rules at a Playground

Old but not forgotten, is one of the ways you could describe the popular rhyme pop goes the weasel l. It’s first written records date back to the 19th century but believed that the origin of the song to start somewhere around the 18th century in England. Indeed the original version is thought to be a song, although not specifically for children but in fact a dance song popular in the early 1853s when pop goes the weasel lyrics were none-existent but “pop goes the weasel” was screamed throughout the song in order to accentuate it. While some believe that pop refers to pawns, therefore the lyrics would mean to drink until money was spent in totality, leaving people to pawn their suits in order to have access to more money.

Language development through Nursery rhymes:

While your child may not necessarily start speaking earlier, it definitely will not hurt. What it will develop is speech improvement once the child does start speaking, and most of the time even remember pieces of the specific nursery rhymes.

Helps build Vocabulary:

Listening comprehension, social conversations, and writing can all be improved through a strong vocabulary. Reading more stories and rhymes will help children hear and expand their vocabulary. This is very helpful for kids, specially helpful when children first are in school for their very first time.

Promote Creativity:

Act it out, write it out, draw it out, however you do it will help spark the creativity inside every child. Helping child making it fun and a bit more tangible will help them later on when introduced to chapter books and have to create mental images.

Improve Motor Skills:

What enormous energy children have, and parents along with teachers are constantly finding ways to help them burn that energy. Playtime can be greatly enhanced through the practice of preschool songs that call for lots of movement. Most songs under this category suggest movement and are very fun to dance along to.

Interest in Language

Very straightforward but at the same twice as valuable, since we use to express ourselves and share information. That’s why it is so important to sing and rhyme with your child. By setting up a foundation in the form of helping them learn as to why this is so valuable.

The impact this will have on your children is tremendous as they will cherish these moments and never forget. There is always time for these activities whether to read before bedtime, to singing along, becoming a practitioner is key.
Trying new things:

Reinforce skills by adding new songs to his learnings. Consistency with these skills are a huge factor when remembering these as it will show if further time is needed on specific tasks. Rhymes and songs are more than just fun as they can teach pre-reading skills as well as life long skills.