The Importance of Alphabet Songs

Young children are like sponges, especially during their early development years. With this being said, they learn just about anything that they can learn and they take in lots of information every day. This even starts in the womb! Babies begin to hear language even before they’re born. Interaction during their younger years is vitally important, and alphabet songs give children the building blocks they’ll need to start learning to read. There are many abc songs that are currently available, and most of them are readily available online for free!

Alphabet songs are used to teach children about letters, and what this does is prepare them for activities in pre-k and kindergarten where they’ll start applying what they know. Singing to children has been shown to improve their memory and their development, and singing the abcs is a great way to start!

Depending on the needs of a child you can find a variety of different alphabet songs at various levels and that use a variety of themes or approaches to get kids with different interests engaged. There are even apps available that allow children to interact and sing along at the same time.  Singing the alphabet with your child when you look at letters will help them to recognize different letters, and eventually make it easier to start learning the various letter sounds in the English language.  The song itself rhymes and rhymes can help children start to discover the different sound patterns in the English language. Overall there are many benefits to singing the alphabet with your children, and it is definitely something that should be explored at a young age (maybe even before your little one is born!) Try singing the alphabet at home or on the go while looking at different letters with your children and enjoy watching them grow before your very eyes!