The Importance of Family Night

Social Interactions with children

Social interactions are extremely important for the development of young children, and since the family is typically the most important social setting of a small child’s existence it’s essential to set aside time together. In addition to the benefits to your child, it also provides a necessary means to bond as a parent. Ultimately the important things in early childhood development are ensuring that your child feels that they are important as well as loved, has opportunities to model their parents’ behaviour, and that a strong bond develops between parent and child. One of the best ways to encourage this sort of growth is through weekly occasions where everyone comes together to bond with one another.

spending time with family

With our modern lives being so busy, it’s easy to miss out on the family dinners that were often a feature of past generations. It’s important to set aside time for this, and if it’s not possible to have dinner together every day because of your busy schedule, at least try and make it happen once a week. Keep in mind that the food is not the point when gathering all together for dinner – it’s about the social interactions between all of you that occur as a result. Essentially, such a dinner can provide a sense of stability and constancy – a sort of weekly ritual where everyone comes together in a nurturing and safe environment. Setting this early on a in a child’s life only helps their development as a person.

benifits of board games

Board games provide a particularly great bonding activity with your child. This is an engaging way for them to learn necessary social and intellectual skills, and of course board games are enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Playing a board game is a lot of fun for all of those involved, and if you start out early it could become a lifelong hobby for your child. Aside from this, board games teach children about life and about interactions with others – you don’t aways win at everything you do, but the effort can still be quite fun. Indeed, one of the most important things about board games is that they teach children how to deal with losing and how to accept that with grace.

bonding with children

Another great way to build a healthy bond with your child early on is by reading to them – this will not only provide another means of connection, but discussing stories can teach important life lessons as well as keeping them engaged. Yes, you may as well end the night with a bedtime story.
Beyond the emotional wellbeing of your child, time spent together can actually have a positive impact on your child’s physical health in the long term. Interestingly, the time spent between mother and a young child together can actually impact things like their risk for obesity. Essentially, this seems to lie in the quality of the emotional relationship between parent and child.