The Importance of Teaching Phonics to a Child


For any new parent, they may not know the importance that phonics will play in the development of their child’s reading skills. Since the days of nursery rhymes and Mother Goose songs, the use of rhyming has been a valuable tool that parents can use to help their child grow on a regular basis. The exact definition of phonics is as follows, it is a connection of letters to the sounds that corresponds to those letters. This in turn helps a child to form words and eventually be able to speak in full sentences. Nursery rhymes have always been a good tool for a parent to use in helping their child to develop their reading skills and to have a better understanding of the English language.

Children are taught that letters and sounds are used to speak and write words and sentences. There is a step process that really needs to be used in helping a child to fully grasp the world that they are in and to develop the communication skills that will be necessary for them to talk and write effectively. These skills are the foundation of communication for a child that they will take throughout their life. The process to help a child get an understanding of phonics are as follows.

Understanding that there is a connection between sounds and certain letters and that these letters form words and as a result, these words are the groundwork for sentences that are important to the very basics of communication. One of the biggest things that rhymes and Mother Goose songs can have is that these rhymes can actually be important in helping to improve a child’s speech. You can help to encourage your child’s development by making up your own rhymes. Another thing that you can do is to break these words down into syllables and help your child to get a better understanding of these words.

Making time at least once a day for you to rhyme to your child will be vital to helping them in a rapid manner to develop the needed skills to communicate, read, and write as soon as they can. This is one of the reasons why so many parents will take this road to help them teach their kids. Getting a good foundation and an early start is essential to helping children to get on the right path to a lifelong love of education. This is a skill set that will serve them not only in school, but for the rest of their lives.

Nursery rhymes and Mother Goose Songs play an important part in the developing of reading, writing and basic understanding of letters, words and sentences. All of the studies show that when a child has this exposure, they are bound to be a lot more effective in their communication. There are a large number of books, sites and articles that will help you to learn how to create these rhymes so that you and your child can spend time together and they will get a head start on their communication skills.