Weather and Seasons Nursery Rhymes

Weather and Seasons Nursery Rhymes
Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow by The Singing Walrus
This is a fun little folk song that talks about the different types of weather including: sun, rain, wind, and snow. As the song plays, the character’s travel by an air balloon through the different seasons and they show you all the fun activities that you can enjoy as the weather changes. Like for a sunny day you can go outside and play and chase the butterflies and look at the beautiful flowers. On a rainy day,you don’t have to think, “this day is going to be such a bummer(one word that rhymes with summer),” you can go look at the rainbows after the rain is gone. When it is windy outside you can watch the leaves fly all over the place or even fly a kite. And when it snows you can watch the snow fall or build snowmen. This is a cute little nursery rhyme that any child will enjoy and learn from because it catches your attention with all the colors and its melody.

Seasons of the Year
This song has an upbeat and fun melody. It is a science song that teaches children about the seasons of the year starting with Spring, then Summer, Fall, and Winter. In the Spring, you see rainbows, flowers, lots of rain, and “new life.” In the Summer, you see the sun, kids playing, you feel the warm breeze, and see lots of green trees and grass. In the Fall, you see leaves changing colors, the weather starts to get cooler, you see leaves falling, and feel the wind blowing. Lastly, you have Winter. In the Winter, you see ice and snow. The weather is freezing, the days are shorter, and the nights are longer. This song allows the children to visualize how it might look as the seasons change.

How’s the Weather?
This is a simple weather song that helps you identify the different types of weather. It shows you sunny, rainy, cloudy, and snowy weather. This is a fun song that your child can use when he or she is learning the different types of weather. It shows illustrations that help. Like for sunny days it shows a bright sunny clear day with the sun in the sky. For a rainy day, it shows rain falling from a dark sky and a wet ground and puddles. For a cloudy day, it shows a dark sky full of dark clouds. And for a snowy day, it shows a snow-covered ground and a snowman. I think these are great illustrations for a child-like mind to help them understand what they are looking for when trying to figure out what kind of day it is outside as the weather and seasons change.

These songs all send some type of message to children and helps them learn and understand about the weather and different seasons. They show you a combination of snow, rain, sunshine, wind, winter, summer, fall, and spring. The major components of weather and seasons.