Wheels on the Bus Song Videos

Wheels on the Bus Song Videos

The Wheels on the Bus is one of those songs for kids that you may use in class, and you will find that nursery rhyme videos give the kids a guide to use when they are learning. The videos are a piece of entertainment that you may use with your kids, and you will find that the videos go beyond entertainment to make your classes much more interesting. The class itself will be pleased to see these videos, and you may explain many concepts using these songs.

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#1: How To Use The Song

You are singing about how the bus works and who is on the bus when you sing along with the kids and give them a reason to get excited about riding in the car or simply going on a field trip. You may offer the kids a number of different things to think about during the song, and you will talk through all the social dynamics in the song. You talk about the driver, the parents, the teachers, and the babies. You talk about the wheels, and you may use this song to cover every subject in your class.

#2: Teaching Music

You may teach the children music using this song, and you may change the words to make it easier to sing if you like. The kids will learn what a melody is, and they will happily sing along with you any time that you want. You are giving the kids an idea of what music looks like, and you will teach them how to sing as a group.

#3: Teaching How To Social Dynamics Work

You may teach the kids how the social dynamics work on the bust, and you may go from the parents to the driver and the kids. You may ask the children if they hear anyone else say something on the bus, and you will notice that you have many kids who say that other relatives ride with them in the car. They will learn that they may have many teachers on the bus, and they will learn how the children sit on the bus.

#4: Using The Song Every Day

You may use the song every day simply because that makes the most sense for their development. You will give the kids an idea of what the song sounds like by playing it every day, and you will notice that you may use the song to begin or end the day simply because that is something that the children like. You may use it every day to teach a new concept such as reading or writing, and you will be quite interested to see the kids react to the song every day.

#5: Be Interdisciplinary

You may teach every discipline you want with this one song, and you will unpack the song for the kids because that tells them what they need to know about your lessons. It is so much easier for you to create a fun classroom when you add music.